Bio-Mimetic Chromatography

Your partner in drug discovery lead optimization

Bio-Mimetic Chromatography is offering measurements and applications of physicochemical and biomimetic properties. Providing data analysis and model building for in vivo drug distribution using biomimetic chromatographic or in silico data.

Biomimetic HPLC measurements for up to 96 compounds.
We carry out six measurements, lipophilicity at 3pHs, protein and phospholipid binding

We calculate the estimated in vivo parameters from the measured data (volume of distribution, tissue binding, plasma protein binding, drug efficiency

Courses  on property based design in drug discovery.
Interactive and practical demonstration of the HPLC based biomimetic property measurements, as well as solubility and permeability.

Physchem/ADME module for Drug Discovery MSc students
Life learning courses for pharmacists
HPLC fundamental courses for analytical scientists
Human serum albumin binding
Phospholipid binding
Alpha-1-acid-glycoprotein binding
Lipophilicity at various pHs
Analyzing and visualizing chemically aware physico-chemical and biological data
Model building for prediction of in vivo drug distribution